Scrumptious Italian Dishes including White Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza
White Pizza

Experience a gastronomic adventure with Italian Pizzeria in Durham, North Carolina. We serve delicious white pizza and other Italian dishes including:

   •  Chicken Parmesan    •  Lasagna    •  Spaghetti    •  Calzone


Our most popular menu items are our pizza. Aside from white pizza, we also serve New Yorker-style fresh from our stone oven. You can order whole pies or by slice. Choose from medium, large, and extra large pies.

Special Ingredients
At our restaurant, we only use choice ingredients, including locally made Italian sausages. Our white pizza is filled with fresh and delectable toppings including:
   •  Ricotta Cheese    •  Mozzarella Cheese    •  Tomatoes    •  Spinach
Affordable Prices
The prices of our meals range from $10 to $30. Additional cheese for pizza starts at $2.25.
Weekly Specials
Take advantage of our weekly specials! We offer large pizza with extra ingredients for just $8.99, every Tuesday. You can also enjoy medium-sized pizza for just $7.99, every Sunday.
Daily Specials
Go straight to our restaurant when the clock says lunchtime! We offer weekday lunch specials from Monday to Friday at 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Feel free to call us for menu information. We also have an extra large 20 inch-pizza starting at $16.99 every day!

Contact us in Durham, North Carolina, for our flavorful Italian dishes.

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